I am always hunting for new podcasts to listen to and while most of what I listen to is strictly horror, this time around I was able to branch out…kind of. I was informed of “Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories” and right from the first episode I was immediately hooked. The professional quality was the first thing to impress me. Then came the stories themselves. If you could mix Lore Podcast with Investigation Discovery, you would end up with Unsolved Murders.

Max Cutler

Max Cutler: Dressed to kill!

Hi Max! Tell me a bit about yourself! And more importantly, tell me about Unsolved Murders.

Hi MJ! I grew up in Los Angeles, CA and went to college at The University of Arizona. Since I could remember it was my dream to start and own a company. As a result, I doubled majored in Entrepreneurship and Finance while at The University of Arizona.

My childhood led me to podcasting. I have always had a fascination with audio. I grew up in a radio household, my dad spent most of his professional life in radio and as a kid growing up in that environment, it had a profound impact on me. In November of 2015, I realized that I needed to do something I truly loved and was passionate about. Thus, the preliminary research and work started for the Parcast Network and I have never looked back. It is an amazing feeling to wake up every day looking forward to go to the office and not wanting to leave.

What is your process for creating episodes?

Well every show is different. But for Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories it all starts with the case. The case dictates what we can and cannot do. It takes us three to four weeks from the time we start doing the research for an episode to the time we record. First we research the topic, and then I block the episode. After that, the writers craft the first of multiple drafts. Once our team believes the script is ready, we cast voice actors and record. I am extremely lucky to work with such talented people.

Why murders? How did you get into the darker side of podcasting?

As humans, we tend to have a weird obsession with murders, especially unsolved murders. I felt that if Parcast was able to present real cold cases in an entertaining way, with real facts, we could hopefully do some good and help solve these cases.

So the first murderer you cover is the Axeman of New Orleans. That’s a real story, right?

It is 100% real. It is such an incredible case. I believe many parts of The Axeman’s story is on par or better than Jack the Ripper’s story or other well-known serial killers. I mean, what other serial killer got a whole city to go to their local bar and listen to jazz music?

Are all of the stories you tell on the podcast going to be true stories? 

Yes. I believe this is what makes Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories special. That we are able to present real true cold cases in an entertaining and different way. We will never stray from real unsolved murders.

So tell me, what is Parcast? 

Parcast is an on demand multi-dimensional Podcast Network that is focused on producing unique, different, high quality and thought-provoking podcasts.

Parcast’s goals are to help bring the podcast space to a new level. We pride ourselves on being more creative and different than any other existing podcast companies. We spend an enormous amount of time on research and development to create shows we believe fulfill the needs and wants of the podcast community. Our hope is to attract and grow new listeners to the podcast community. The podcast space has grown up in recent years and it is finally a viable business. I believe it is a superior experience to radio and is the future of audio. However, it is very easy to envision a scenario in the coming years where big corporations ruin podcasting. I believe Parcast can help bring these aspects to the podcast space and most importantly not take away podcast’s personality.

You don’t see many Father/Son podcast production companies out there. How is it working with you family? 

It is working out great and is a dream come true for me. I actually recruited my Dad out of retirement to come and help me start Parcast. We have always had a very close relationship.  From a professional standpoint, there is no one better in terms of experience and expertise. It is priceless for me.   

What kind of shows does Parcast have coming up in future?

Currently, the Parcast Network has 19 podcasts that are in different stages of development. Our hope for the coming year is to launch 5 to 7 more podcasts, plus holiday specials. These podcasts will range in genre from history, reality, paranormal and of course true crime. The next show will be debuting in early august and is a unique twist on history!

Anything else you want our readers to know about you or Unsolved Murders?

UM_cover_itunes (1)The whole Parcast team is incredibly humbled by the support we have received so far. Thank you for tuning in and leaving feedback. We are constantly trying to improve with each episode. Our next three episodes will be focused on the Phantom Killer. A serial killer who terrorized Texarkana in the 1940’s and still to this day is one of Texas’s biggest Unsolved Murders. After that case, we will continue to feature real cold cases from the early 20th century up until 1970 for at least 5 more episodes before making a shift to some modern day cold cases.

Where can we find you on the vast depths of the internet? How can we help our your podcast? 

You can find Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories on our website, parcast.com, iTunes and Apple’s podcast APP, GooglePlay, Stitcher or your favorite podcast directory. Links to Unsolved Murder: True Crime stories are below.

iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/unsolved-murders/id1122804248?mt=2

GooglePlay – https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Ime3glodh4zx4r2p4ladij3pjhy

Stitcher – http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/unsolved-murders-true-crime-stories?refid=stpr

Article by: M.J. Orz