s7e10_500There are a lot of podcasts out there nowadays that dedicate themselves to sending chills up your spine. For a many of us, that is how we get our regular dosage of horror – myself included. With all of these available options, one still sits high atop that frightful mountain, and this week they celebrate their FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

I know I got my start with horror through their amazing podcast (you can find the episodes here), which gave me the confidence to keep on writing creepy stories and all about creepy things. The NoSleep Podcast, fronted by the amazing David Cummings, have offered the world of this genre something to look forward to every Sunday and remained an inspiration and vehicle for tons of want-to-be horror authors. NoSleep and all of those affiliated: Thank you for five outstanding years of service to the horror universe and please know we look forward to another five, ten, fifteen, twenty years of tales!

Congrats. We applaud you. Take a bow.

Article by: M.J. Orz