downloadI listen to podcasts a lot. More than a lot, to be honest. It is more than likely my primary source of entertainment and has become a part of my daily life for the last two year or so. Most of the time it happens to be a horror cast or even a book cast, but today I was introduced to a podcast that I simply couldn’t believe I had gone this long without hearing.

That podcast is The Truth.

With the slogan “Movies for your ears”, it is easy to assess what kind of entertainment this podcast brings and it was quickly apparent, by the quality of the stories as well as the production, that these guys aren’t playing around.

Now what does that have to do with horror?

Let me explain.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.31.06 PMThe episode I was referred to is called “That’s Democracy” (which you can listen to here). I normally don’t mess around with non-literature, non-frightening stories, but the person referring insisted I give it a listen, promising that it would make my stomach turn. And he was 100% right. In all the right ways.

It started with a disclaimer, explaining that there were sensitive topics in the podcast, which immediately sets off a good not – it’s going to be something different, and something that would shock their normal listener. I was in. The scene gets set with a classroom and a teacher, very obviously at the end of his ropes, trying to calm the class down. As a former inner-city public school teacher, I was quickly able to empathize with the main.

And then it all goes wrong.

I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, for those who haven’t listened before, but it gets very real, very fast, and makes an interesting application about our representative democratic process (which I won’t touch on any more than that in this article – this is not a political forum). Never has my stomach churned quite like it did. Never have I been more scared from something that is technically “non-horror”. Never have I needed a minute after listening to a story. I highly recommend this story to any and all horror fans. Just be ready for something quite…crazy.

Regardless, today The Truth has released the making of a short film of the podcast episode and it is all worth watching. Listen to story. Watch the film. Hear how That’s Democracy was made. Follow The Truth Podcast.

Kudos to all those folks over at The Truth and thank you for expanding my listening, only to find elements of horror in a non-horror world.


Article by M.J. Orz

Images belong to The Truth Podcast