StephenKingGFDLAccording to the Guinness Book of World Records, Marcel Proust holds the record for longest word count at an insane 1.3 million million words in his work “In Search of Lost Time”. However, here in the horror world, we find writers who write a TON and, though it isn’t all in one work such as in Mr. Proust’s case, the works add up. And no one has been in the horror game quite as long as the beloved Master of Terror, Stephen King.

With this in mind, this writer decided to pull out his calculator and do a little math to see just how many words Mr. King has put out over the years! (Please note that this is excluded things such as Richard Bachman and yes, we all have heard and know about the ghost-writing stuff…just have fun with me here, ok?)

Here is the list:

11/22/63: 274,672

Bag of Bones: 203,313

Black House: 252,270

Blockade Billy: 15,917

Carrie: 61,326

Cell: 121,931

Christine: 194,032

Cujo: 121,150

Cycle of the Werewolf: 15,955

Desperation: 195,011

Doctor Sleep: 165,215

Dolores Claiborne: 93,842

Dreamcatcher: 220,590

Duma Key: 205,713

End of Watch: 119,362

Firestarter: 153,268

Finder’s Keepers: 124,224

From a Buick 8: 126,685

Insomnia: 244,627

IT: 444,414

Joyland: 82,641

Lisey Story: 185,440

Misery: 114,949

Mr. Mercedes: 137,259

Needful Things: 256,217

Pet Semetary: 144,758

Rose Madder: 176,537

Salem’s Lot: 152,041

The Colorado Kid: 36,346

The Dark Tower I – The Gunslinger: 63,842
The Dark Tower II – The Drawing of the Three: 126,955
The Dark Tower III – The Waste Lands: 174,991
The Dark Tower IV – Wizard and Glass: 258,809
The Dark Tower IV.5 – The Wind through the Keyhole: 94,030
The Dark Tower V – Wolves of the Calla: 214,153
The Dark Tower VI – Songs of Suzannah: 128,019
The Dark Tower VII – The Dark Tower: 276,982

The Dead Zone: 152,270

The Eyes of the Dragon: 103,526

The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon: 62,221

The Long Walk: 88,141

The Plant: 89,285

The Shining: 160,863

The Stand: 472,376

The Talisman: 274,547

The Tommyknockers: 260,663

Under the Dome: 334,074

This all adds up to a grand total of an insane 7,948,452 words! Take that, Marcel Proust!